The Summer of 1976

Who remembers the summer of 1976? Hot for ten weeks, a drought, hosepipe bans... And now we have the summer of 2022. Join me for a chat about the heat...View Details

Midweek Message 68.

It's getting hot again this week! Possibly reaching 36c by the weekend which is 97F. Wow, this is a proper summer! Join me for a quick chat about peop...View Details

Compulsive Liars!

We've all met a compulsive liar at some time or other. Why do they do it? Why do people have to lie? In this episode, I look back at some of the lies ...View Details

Midweek Message 67.

Hello, it's Wednesday again! We're into August now, where is the time going? It won't be long before there's a shopping day countdown... No, I won't m...View Details

Television arrived in most people's homes in the 1950s and 60s. ITV generated their income from advertising. So, where did the BBC get their money fro...View Details

Midweek Message 66.

Hello, welcome to another Midweek Message... and another weather report! We're on the verge of a drought here in Britain.  That means there will be a ...View Details

Money, lots of it or lack of it. How does it affect people? Do you crave money? Are you happy with having only a penny more than you need? Join me for...View Details

Midweek Message 65.

Hello and welcome to another Midweek Message. The temp here in Briton went sky high and broke all records... 40.3 Centigrade which is about 105F. Phew...View Details

Conversation. Are you any good at chatting in a group of people? To be honest, I don't say much because I can never get a word in edgeways! I wait for...View Details

Midweek Message 64.

Hi, and welcome to another Midweek Message. I'm not here... I'm in the Isle of Wight for a few days so I've prerecorded this message. The weather shou...View Details

Standards, Then and Now

Have standards fallen over the last few decades? Do we retain the values which were so much a part of Britain back in the 50s and 60s? Join me for a l...View Details

Midweek Message 63.

Hello, I hope you're keeping well. Railway stations were lovely places in the old days. The staff wore uniforms, there were flowers and gardens, every...View Details

Nothing Works Properly!

I heard a chap on the radio saying that nothing works properly in Britain. The railway doesn't work properly, airports don't work properly... Join me ...View Details

Midweek Message 62.

Hi, I hope you're keeping well. This Sunday, I'll be ranting about things not working in Britain. The railways don't work properly, airports are a nig...View Details

The Cost of Living!

We are all suffering from price rises. House prices are going through the roof, people can't afford the deposit for a mortgage. In this episode, ...View Details

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