I’d like to delve into your dreams. What do dreams mean? Why do we dream? We all dream, but some of us can’t remember our dreams.  If you can remember...View Details

More of your Emails

In this episode, I take a look at your emails. From Bryony, who writes about shopping for knickers during lockdown. To John in the U.K., who writes ab...View Details

Home Alone.

We’re now in our third lockdown in the UK. Some people are fine, they have money and families and friends. They can get all the help they need. But, w...View Details

Christmas has passed, new year’s eve has come and gone… It was fun, but what’s next? Join me for a look back at Christmas, and forward to the spring 2...View Details

New Year’s Eve.

Join me for a look at New Year’s Eve celebrations over the decades. New Year’s parties in the 50s, pubs in the 60s, parties at home… How have the cele...View Details

Happy Christmas 2020

Happy Christmas to all my followers. Without you, there would be no Podcast episodes so thanks to you all! I'm looking forward to producing many more ...View Details

The 50s with its own style of music and fashion was replaced by something very different in the 1960s. What was the transition like? What changed from...View Details

Nowt Queer As Folk

There’s nowt as queer as folk. Have you heard that expression? People are strange. Compulsive liars, showoffs, know alls, big heads, jealous… In this ...View Details

The High Street

Is the high street dead? Is a revival of the high street feasible? Huge supermarkets finished off small businesses and many local shops disappeared. N...View Details

If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself. That’s what I was told when I was young, and very often it’s good advice. Join me in this episode as...View Details

Automation is progress, it’s great… But it means job losses. Automatic letter sorting replaced dozens of men. Electric trains replaced steam, the fire...View Details


The joys of bringing up children. The tantrums, slamming doors, the tears… And the things our parents used to say to us. You’re not going out until yo...View Details

My brush with the Aristocracy is a fun look at the lives of the people in the Big House on the hill. My clandestine visits to the house revealed just ...View Details

You find an kid’s bike in the attic, it’s from the 1950s… Do you dump it or keep it?  An old vacuum cleaner from the 1940s… Do you take it to the rubb...View Details

Seeds of Doubt

‘I saw your boyfriend out with another girl…’ the seed of doubt has been planted! That’s all it takes, just one little comment, to destroy a relations...View Details

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